Our mission is to develop long-term financial growth strategies, seek unique opportunities, and provide the highest level of support and guidance to both individuals and entrepreneurial business entities.


Individual Returns

Maximize your refund to the extent allowed by the law and help you plan for the following year.

Business Returns

Prepare your business returns and help you with annual reports and other specialized business filings.

Tax Notices

Respond to your tax notices and guide you through any audits you may face.

Special Returns

Help you apply for special credits and rebates at state and city levels of government.

Starting a Business

Guide you towards the proper filings needed to legally register your business.


Teach your staff to properly use bookkeeping software like QuickBooks Desktop.


Provide free notary public services to all of our clients.

Trust & Estate Returns

Help you deal with estate and trust issues that become relevant when a relative passes away.

Tax Planning

Help you avoid penalties, interest, and underpayments by preparing estimates after getting married or getting a big increase in income.

Payroll - 1099

Affordable 1099 information return preparation solutions in case you have contractors you paid during the year.

Payroll - W-2

Have an employee or multiple employees? We'll provide you with a competitive solution to all of your federal and state filing requirements.

Special Information Returns

Prepare the appropriate information returns for you to properly report mortgage interest and rent.

About Us

Adam Hall, CPA

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • B.S. in Accounting

Adam Hall is a Certified Public Accountant with over twenty years of experience.

Adam’s clients include a variety of business owners, some of whom have been with him from the genesis of their entrepreneurial journeys, and is an essential key to their businesses’ growth and success. Whether it is maximizing returns, a deep knowledge of payroll or guidance on future endeavors, Adam’s keen sense for predicting volatility helps to avoid tax pitfalls in reporting and record keeping.

Adam specializes in high-net-worth individual returns and has expert knowledge in retirement and estate planning. He is a trusted advisor for individuals in any phase of wealth building, from those beginning to take action over their financial lives to those managing a sophisticated financial empire. He has unbreakable ties to a vast network of financial advisors and other specialists who can further help any individual into a position of power through his expert network.

A dedicated family man, businessman, and friend, Adam brings the same loyalty and excellence to every business relationship and treats all transactions with the same high level of care and detail as he would in his own personal life. A nine-time marathon runner, Adam channels his training and goal achieving marathon mentality into every decision. He is a true believer in balance and stability in the workplace and lives by his life’s philosophy that slow and steady wins the race.

Pavel Yeloyev, EA

  • Enrolled Agent
  • B.S. in Accounting
  • Notary Public, State of New Jersey
  • QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Enrolled Agent with over a decade of experience in accounting, bookkeeping software, and records reconstruction. B.S. Accounting. QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor. State of New Jersey Notary Public.

Angie O. Lockard, CPA

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • B.S. in Accounting

She has over 25 plus years of experience with public accounting firms. Angie’s diverse background in tax, accounting and financial services allows her to manage and perform tax and accounting services for individual clients, small and medium sized business entities, and international corporations across a wide range of industries. Her areas of expertise include federal and multi-state tax law, tax and financial planning for individuals and business entities, resolving client tax issues with IRS and State governmental agencies, and accounting services for a range of industries including real estate development, manufacturing, medical, food service, importer and exporter, and banking and financial institutions.

Contact Information

Main Office
310 St. Nicholas Ave., Ste. B
Haworth, NJ 07641
Tel: 1-201-338-2761
Fax: 1-855-215-2155

Adam Hall, CPA
Cell: 201-739-7617

Pavel Yeloyev, EA
Cell: 551-265-1108

Angie O. Lockard, CPA
Cell: 201-674-3115

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